Personal Custom Service

Rhinestone Transfers continue to be highly requested and desired items for apparel decoration and VS Rhinestone Designs would love to be your supplier for this demand. At VS Rhinestone Designs we make all of our transfers in our Wylie, Texas location. In this current day of constant automation and overseas service it is comforting to know that you can speak to someone in the US that understands your needs and is ready to help you find just the right design to fit yours or your customer's needs. We do this by using the highest quality materials but that alone cannot be enough to earn your business. Quality control and quality customer service is key. We always want to hear from you and what you need to complete your project or your customer request. We are always designing and changing our service offering to ensure we can change with the apparel decoration business. This industry is always changing and consumers always want to have the latest in design that is why we carry such a large variety of stock designs. The great thing about being US centric is that if you don't see something that will fill your design request we can easily draw it for you. We have specialized in rhinestone transfers for over 15 years but we have expanded our service offering to multimedia designs, with vinyl and rhinestones. We can simply offer the transfer for you to apply to the apparel of your choice or we can fulfill your orders by procuring the textile you need, apply it to the textile and ship it directly to your customer. We are truly a one stop shop from beginning to end.