Rhinestone Transfer Q & A

Question:  Can I use a household iron to press on rhinestone transfers?

Answer: Yes, you can use a household iron. When you place an order with us we will provide step by step instructions.

Question: What kind of material can I press rhinestone transfers to?

Answer: Rhinestone Transfers can be pressed to almost any textile. It is always recommended that you test your material if you have any doubts.

Question: Are rhinestone transfers hard to use?

Answer: Absolutely not. They are one of the easiest and quickest ways to decorate any apparel. Question: What type of rhinestones do you use?

Answer: We only use the highest grade of Korean Rhinestones.

Question: Can we order our transfers in Swarovski Crystals?

Answer: Yes we can make your transfers in Swarovski Crystals.

Question: Do you make custom transfers?

Answer: Of course we do. Please follow this link for additional information. http://www.vsrhinestones.com/index.php?main_page=page_3&zenid=tfjhg7l8uhh3mdgjfuk6cpadn1

Question: What is the most common size of rhinestone?

Answer: The most common size is an SS10 or 3mm.

Question: How do we wash the garments once the rhinestones have been applied?

Answer: We recommend hand washing and line dry but you can use low heat in the dryer if necessary. A general rule of thumb is to always treat your garment as a delicate when washing.

Question: What temperature do we use to press with a heat press?

Answer: The typical process is 325 degrees for 15 seconds, with medium press and a medium to cold peel. Once the tape is removed press one more time for 5 seconds. Step by step instructions are available on our site.